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Commercial Cleaning Services  -  Mobile Auto Detailing

Residential Cleaning

Each home owner has individual needs, you're cleaning and price will be customized to you and your home.

Hallway and Entries

Entry and exit doors are all washed. All wood polished, pictures, knick- knacks are dusted/swiffered. Stair spindles and rails wiped and polished. All vents and base boards cleaned.


Sinks are disinfected along with counter tops. Mirrors are cleaned to perfection. Exterior cabinets wiped including knobs & pulls then polished. Towel bars wiped/dusted.  Light bars are dusted. Soap dishes and cups are disinfected along with toothbrush holders/chargers. Showers tiles and glass surrounds including doors are disinfected and polished to sparkle. No reminders of soap scum/mold including door sweeps. Chrome/brass/silver plated fixtures polished to a shine. Tub surround disinfected & shined. Toilets are disinfected and polished.


All furniture is dusted and polished, knick-knacks are picked up, dusted and replaced (excessive clutter will not be touched). Whole room de-cobwebbed and vacuumed (edges as well!!) including baseboards and walk-in closets when floor is clear. All mirrors and glass doors are cleaned and polished. Door tracks are vacuumed, other doors and baseboards are spot cleaned as needed. Window seals will be wiped and blinds can be cleaned for an extra service charge. Shelves and pictures are all swiffered and dusted. To leave your room especially clean all switch plates are wiped and your vents and ceiling fans will be cleaned and dusted as needed. 

Living Room/ Family Room

All furniture dusted and polished including spindles and legs. All glass and mirrors are cleaned and polished. Shelves are dusted; pictures and knick-knacks are swiffered. Light switches, window sills and base boards wiped. Vents and ceiling fans cleaned as needed. All entry and exit doors are wiped and cleaned including stoop and threshold unless security barred.
Blinds are an extra service charge




Sinks and counter tops are cleaned and disinfected. Sinks full of dishes will be washed at extra charge. Appliances: 

microwaves will be cleaned and disinfected inside and out, stove tops cleaned including drip pans and gas burners, stove hood is cleaned, ovens are wiped for large spills, refrigerators spot wiped inside and rubber gaskets are cleaned of debris,  outside doors are wiped and polished, dishwasher inside and outside of door is cleaned and polished. Small appliances i.e. coffee maker, toaster, blenders, mixers all cleaned. Cabinets doors wiped including handles then polished as needed. Light fixtures are cleaned and dusted. Kitchen tables and chairs (benches, bars stools, etc) cleaned and polished.
Oven cleaning advanced schedule only – extra charge
Refrigerator clean out advanced schedule only – extra charge

Laundry Room/Area

Sinks and counters are all cleaned and disinfected. All cabinets are wiped down including knobs/handles. Washer is wiped down inside and out as needed. Dyer vent vacuumed and exterior is wiped down. 

Whole House Cleaning

Empty all trash-recycle-compost
From house to outside trash – recycle – compost.

All hard surface floors (Tile   Vinyl   Wood   Marble)

are treated with a 3 Step cleaning process:
Dust mopped, vacuumed edges, wet mopped including base boards.

All carpeted floors are vacuumed and edged.

All windows and blinds in or out are upon bid only.

We do not move furniture unless agreed to prior to cleaning at extra charge.