Simple Detail Package        $65-$110

Quick wash and go service for maintaining a clean car between heavy cleanings and during   winter to keep your car at its best. Package includes hand brushed and micro fiber mitt wash of exterior with Carolina Wash and Wax.  Vacuuming of interior and polishing of interior  and exterior windows. Wheel wells, tires and  door jams all cleaned to remove the build up dirt and residue from the roads.

Special Detail Package       $180-$290

Bring your interior back to top-notch condition. Interior is first air purged to loosen and remove dirt from floor boards, seats, vents, consoles and all the crevices then vacuumed away. We specialize in using a tornado enzyme gun for a perfect clean every time. All vinyl and leather is cleaned and treated with Scotchgard
3M Leather and Vinyl Protector, restoring a rich satin sheen that will not attract dust. Carpet and upholstery is given a pre-spot treatment then machine shampooed and deep cleaned with a heated extractor removing the deepest grime and odors. Exterior is pretreated for bug residue, tar, and road grime then hand washed with micro fiber mitt and Carolina Wash and Wax, including tires, wheel wells and door frames.

Full Interior Service            $80-$120

Restore the life to your car’s interior with this deep cleaning. Utilizing our tornado enzyme gun we will clean every nook and cranny of your seats, consoles and floors. Surfaces all cleaned and protected using Scotchgard 3M Leather and Vinyl Protector. Carpets and upholstery including headliner are pretreated and machined washed and extracted. 

Full Exterior Service        $80-$120                          

Car looking tired? Bring back its shine with this cleaning. Vehicle pretreated with spray on bugs, tar and road grime. Wheel acid is used if needed to get a deep down clean of brake residue. Full exterior hand wash with Carolina Wash and Wax with detailed wheels, tires and wheel wells. Rinsed with our Hotsy powered pressure washer assuring a perfect clean. Chamois dried. Tires are dressed, while windows and mirrors are cleaned to perfection. 


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Detailing Packages

Scotchgard 3M Professional       

Paint Protector    $180- $300

Full Exterior Service plus 3M Paint Protector provides a durable, long lasting, high gloss finish with exceptional water beading qualities on painted vehicle surfaces. Applies with orbital buffer and hand buffed off with special micro fiber cloth.

New Vehicle Protection Package     $285-$360

Keep your investment looking new. This treatment includes our long lasting Scotchgard 3M Professional Series Paint Protector which provides a high gloss finish and protects against environmental fallouts and UV rays with a shine like nothing you have ever seen.  This package also includes your interior with our Fabric Protection for carpets and upholstery. The Scotchgard 3M cleaner is odorless and acts like a barrier against spills and dirt. Treatment for your leather interior will keep your seats soft and maintenance easy.

Ozone Treatment                $50-$100

For strong offensive odors from cigarettes, smoke damage, decaying matter, pets, urine and much more our Ozone Treatment permanently kills the odor. Ozone (03) made up of 3 atoms of oxygen is the second strongest sterilant in existence it easily destroys bacteria, viruses, mold and other odors.              

Other Services

Engine Degreasing                        $55-$85
Headlight Restoration                    $55-$95
Clay Bar Cleaning                          $30 & up
Carpet and Seat Shampoo            $60-$140

​Lease Return/Trade in Cleaning    visual bid only

Window Tint Removal                     visual bid only

Special Details:

Boats starting at $120
Motorcycles starting at $150
Motorhomes priced on visual estimate